Sep 11, 2004

Don't Keep Silent--Think and Then Vote!

Today, while reading the dreadful news--story after story of misery--and so much of it unnecessary and brought about by the Bush Administration, that, well, I sat down (OK, I was already seated--I read the Google News, and wrote a letter to the editor of my local paper. Here it is. So sue me.

If you are reading this and feel even remotely sympathetic, please, encourage everyone you know to get out and vote.

36 million Americans in poverty, and one in four of those is a child. 43 million Americans without health insurance, and the numbers rising. An unprovoked, unsubstantiated, unaffiliated, unjustified war that has sucked billions from the American economy and cost us the priceless lives of 1000 of our young people. 130-160 million Americans exposed to unhealthy air pollution levels. One in four Americans living within four miles of a toxic waste site. Job growth under Bush set to be the worst in 70 years. (Don’t believe me? Any of these facts can be substantiated by a quick search on any Internet search engine.)

And lastly, tax cuts for what purpose? To buy my vote? I think not. I think, therefore I know that Bush and his minions do not have America's best interest at heart. They have their own evangelical agenda of democratizing (read: capitalizing on) the countries of the globe as well as the support of some of the largest, most powerful companies on earth to back them up--and to profit by their moves. No more wars for oil. No more destruction of hard-fought civil liberties disguised as “patriotism.” No more blatant disregard of the Geneva Convention for prisoners of war. And no more election theft.

As Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” Get out and rock the vote!

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