Oct 19, 2004

A Glimpse into the Mind of a 16-month-old

Jaclyn seems to be a talkaholic, judging by the steady stream of words and other earnest sounds that pour out of her mouth in a tireless flow during every waking (and sometimes sleeping) moment. We, her Mama and Daddy, find this all remarkable and amusing that we are allowed a glimpse into the usually inscrutable mind of a 16-month-old toddler--many of whom have a lot to express but are not able to say what they are thinking.

Here is an exact transcript of everything Jaclyn said during about one minute when she was finishing up her breakfast of Cheerios, blueberries, and milk yesterday:

"Blueberry, duck, oh, ow, oh (she calls Cheerios oh as well as other O-shaped things she sees--guess that means she can read the letter O), bib, ut oh (x 3), aah, (monkey sounds--she recently learned what a monkey is and smiles whenever she sees an image of one), wah-wah (water), hello, duck (x 4), dat (that), bib, (various sounds), Elmo, diddle-diddle, (more sounds), oh, bib (x 2), blueberry, bib, bite, bear (she's wearing a bib with a bear on it), bite, ut-oh (x 2), oh, (sounds), bowl (x 5), duck, ee-oh (she's trying to sing Old MacDonald, but forgets to put in the I between E and O), baby (x 4), bowl (x 3), up (x 8)," said while it takes Mama a while to stop writing and lift baby out of her high chair.

An analysis might find that baby is thinking about and responding to what's around her--bib, bowl, food--as well as remembering things she likes (Elmo), and lastly, rehearsing things she's heard (monkey sounds, ee-oh). Maybe a toddler's inner life is not so different from an adult's after all.

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