Jan 15, 2005


"Passwords are the words that help you pass through the strange and bad lands of life's experience." Ben Zion

Here are some passwords I use. What are yours?

Delicious--this is a description of the most primal enjoyment available legally and in public. Almost anything can be delicious, including my toddler's freshly washed rosy cheeks.

Yummy--Almost anything can be yummy, too. It rolls off the tongue so easily. It sounds and feels like what it is--something that either tastes good and/or makes you feel good. It's appealing in every way. It's a kiddy word and it is good. It's smaller and cuter than delicious.

Magical--delightful, unexplainable, mysteriously marvelous. Magic happens all around us. It's when something made special becomes art and the artfulness takes on a larger meaning or life of its own--one that cannot be analyzed--just appreciated.

Grateful--to be grateful is the most precious attitude. Don't know how to teach it. It works in there with humility. For me, gratitude took a long time of paying my own bills and making my own foolish mistakes to fully appreciate. I have the message constantly on display on my cell phone, "Be Grateful!" I like to be around people who are grateful for and notice the little things around them.

I'm sorry--I cannot appreciate anything that is delicious, yummy, magical, nor can I feel grateful if I am at fault and have not said I am sorry.

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