Feb 9, 2005

Triple-whammy Viral Warfare

Literally, the last three weeks have been a living hell for my small household. First, toddler Jaclyn got Gastroenteritis (medicalese for stomach flu), which was so severe it put her in the hospital. She got dehydrated when she couldn't keep any liquids down. Once she got better, she gave that flu to the grown-ups (though luckily we got a merely annoying, milder version of it). Then, she immediately got Conjunctivitis (medicalese for Pinkeye), which, though no big deal physically, makes daycare directors run screaming for the door. Then Jaclyn graciously passed that on to us too (really, it looks way worse than it feels). THEN--oh, yes, there's more--we grown-ups came down with the Single Worst Flu (non-medicalese for "You think you are gonna die or at least wish you would") of our adult lives. I mean kick-your-butt-and-put-you-in-the-bed-can't-move-even-an-eyeball worst upper-respiratory-you-sound-like-a-frog-and-look-like-one-too flu. We are now recovering from that--and we were nice enough not to give that back to baby (so far--thank god!). Please, PUH-LEEZE stay well, dear readers! This stuff will knock you into your next incarnation!

Croaky, achy, mopey Tumerica

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