Aug 4, 2005

Deadlines Met, Jaclyn's First Circus, JuJu Goes to Italy

I just turned in a 110-page manual that I wrote for my company (of course, it’ll undergo tons more changes after that, but I had a big landmark deadline for some clients who needed to read it—that and a 40-page testing worksheet—all at the same time—and after bunches of changes to the software I was writing about---ARRRGGGGHHH!) I went three days in a row with almost NO SLEEP—and I do not do well on little sleep—I simply lose it! These last couple of weeks and all this working have been the worst physical distress since Jaclyn was born (nothing to compare that to!). You know how it is when you are overworked and stressed—my laundry is high as an elephant’s eye, and it looks like it’s growing clear up to the . . . you get the idea. So I am pathetically overworked from two jobs (writing and mothering). But at least when I complete my documents and turn them in, I get to goof off for a while until the next round. I do need the goof-off time.

Jaclyn starts Montessori school tomorrow. I may be more excited than she is. She has no idea what it will be like to be around lots of kids—and most of them older. We’ll see how it goes, but should be good, after the adjustment period, that is. Her previous daycare, she was the oldest child and there were only two others.

My bestest girlfriend is going to Italy. Gawd, what a fabulous place—and one of the major thrills of my life was getting to spend an entire month there on my honeymoon. Once you go to Italy, you’ll never be the same person as before you went toThe best food, richest culture, coolest designs and art and history and the damned SEXIEST people I have ever seen in my entire life—and they really know how to live—spending lots of time with leisure and talking to each other—they have a leg up on Americans in every way. In fact, while I was there I kept kicking myself—why on earth didn’t I choose to go to Italy instead of to Japan? Sure, Japan was awesome, but friendly? Sexy? Not even. Anyway—she so deserves it! Her father passed away recently. And we all need good changes to look forward to.

We took Jaclyn to her first circus a couple of weeks ago—the Ringling Brothers & Barnum and Bailey. Such anticipation—such excitement in out household—like Christmas—only more so. And sure enough, Jaclyn—as a toddler—was more excited about the circus before going and after coming than when she was actually there. I think it was overwhelming. Plus, it was her naptime, so she got really whacked out the last part of the show. But what a GREAT SHOW! Oh, I love the circus. Can’t begin to describe it. Too fun. Jaclyn is still talking about it—funny how these things really change a kid—at the hefty age of two, guess there’s not that much in their little heads to change—but it’s wild watching it happen. She’s all about elephants—in a big way. She talks about elephants constantly. And now, Bello, the clown.

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