Aug 31, 2005

Gasoline Prices Make You Mad? Raise 'Em Sky High, I Say

I am GLAD gas is expensive and hope it gets worse and worse! Take that, you selfish, shortsighted Americans and your profligate waste of world’s resources. I am secretly happy for every used SUV I see for sale—another proud owner figures out that a heavy 4-wheel-drive apparatus (at least in southern California) is a HUGE waste of money and energy. Ha! I secretly shoot birds at every Hummer I see and cheer for every alternative energy vehicle and mass-transit vehicle I see. And for that stupid dwindling finite resource our lousy leaders led us into an umpteen Billion dollar war?!?! And all those thousands and thousands of people—mostly women and children—dying. For stinking petroleum. Let Bush eat cake—cake made out of petrochemicals, I say.

C. <<Not ready to get off non-gasoline-powered soapbox yet>>

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