Aug 28, 2005

Things to Do before I Die

  1. Learn how to make FABULOUS Mexican food, just like someone's abuela (grandmother) would make. Already can do mole and tamales and pozole soup--but there's much so more to learn.

  2. Get an MFA in creative writing

  3. Publish a book on gift-making

  4. Publish two or more poetry books and become known as a "poet" rather than a technical writer!

  5. Learn to speak Spanish

  6. Learn to dance the Tango

  7. Learn to play Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata on the piano

  8. Learn how to read Japanese on a grammar school student's level (can read on a pre-school kid's level!)

  9. Explore India and Sri Lanka

  10. Go back to Japan and spend time in Kyoto (only visited there briefly for a few days), and climb Mt. Fuji this time. (I lived near Mt. Fuji for a few months, but never visited it!)

  11. Visit the Middle East, especially Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey (I know--that's just barely Middle-eastern--more like eastern European-Greek--but basically a Muslim culture). Am mostly interested in the food, architecture, music, and art.

  12. Publish a children's book, complete with the children's songs and lullabies I have written (so that a child can press a button and hear the song, as it fits in with the story)

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