Sep 22, 2005

John Roberts Refuses to Answer over 100 Questions? Here's My Answer to One

John Roberts has refused to answer over 100 questions from senators and evaded countless other questions. This means we the people do not know where he stands on the most basic issues, like equal voting rights, reproductive choice, and protections for workers

The Bush Administration still refuses to turn over any records from Roberts’ time as Deputy Solicitor General, where he played an important policy-making role. Why? If there were nothing to hide, those documents should be in public hands. The people deserve to know why Bush and Roberts are trying to keep us in the dark.

How can John Roberts be the right choice for Chief Justice of the Supreme Court? Can anything good come out of appointing such a wily and evasive judge to the most important judicial position in the United States? Well, I will NOT refuse to answer. Here is my answer to the Senate: as true Americans who believe in equality and justice for all, I urge you to reject John Roberts. Force Bush to come up with a better, more fair-minded candidate. And find us someone who knows how to answer a question with integrity!

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