Oct 4, 2005

Reports of Murder, Rape and Violence after Katrina Overstated

No reason to take delight in saying I told you so on this one, but now reports are coming out that violence accusations in the immediate wake of Hurricane Katrina were overstated. " Now, a month later, officials say many of the accounts [of murder, rape, and violence] were probably false or greatly exaggerated in a time of chaos. " How convenient it was for media to focus on the deranged few, on the dangers to rescuers and other well-intentioned helpers, to avoid the spotlight on federal laxity in responding to the disaster. Not a report about the Katrina disaster for at least the first week after it struck failed to mention--if not dwell on--the murder, rape, and volience.

I felt all alone in being completely infuriated by this realization--until I read some new articles where New Orleans officials are admitting the reports of violence were, at hem, overstated. It's quite a convenient tool for distracting attention away from the ineptitude of the Bush administration in reponding to the disaster--the implication that the people in New Orleans who could not get away were somehow less deserving of being saved!




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