Jan 3, 2006

Bush House O' Cards Starts to Tumble

Here's How the Bush House of Cards Is Built and Here's How It All Comes Tumbling Down:

  • Abramoff Pleads Guilty to Five Criminal ChargesThe King of Diamonds. Former lobbyist Jack Abramoff pleads guilty to charges of conspiracy, tax evasion and mail fraud. The investigation into this scandal—and the scandals it will likely uncover— should have devastating consequences to the GOP for years to come. Could be the juiciest—in terms of money and politics as bedfellows—in recent memory. NEWS—Third card in the House O' Cards tumbles!

  • An Insurgency in Iraq that Won't Quit--The Queen of Hearts, and the card to trump all. Now where did we misplace those weapons of mass destruction, Saddam? And why won't this Iraquagmire just clear itself up? And doesn’t this all seem at least faintly like Vietnam, only with less justification?

  • The Hurricane Katrina Disaster Rescue Disaster--The Jack of Spades. Spades needed to dig graves that were never dug [see After Katrina: It's a Dog-Eat-Human World]. 1,362 impoverished Americans died who need not have died, given a less bungling administration--one that was not already over-stretched personnel-wise and monetarily by the war in Iraq.

  • First Harriet Miers and then Samuel Alito as Supreme Court Nominees--The Joker & the Jack of Spades, respectively--Can be played to make all other hands look even more foolish. How stupid is it to nominate a sycophantic lawyer who has less judicial experience than Judge Judy? Couldn't Bush even attempt to disguise his cronyism? And then he refusd to hand over Miers' documents. With an approval rating barely at 38%, Bush's “popularity” can't float him to get by with this hubris much longer. Next, he pulled Alito out of his hat, certain his magic act included disguising Alito's proven ultra-conservative, Pro-life extremism background to make him a pill digestable by the public. If Alito gets choked down our throats, we'll be coughing and gagging for decades to come. NEWS—First card in the House O' Cards tumbles! Hope Alito is next to get the boot.

  • Plamegate--The Ace of Clubs. The Bush Club/Cabal, stacked with Libby, Rove, Cheney, and yup, Bush too. Starting in Niger with forged documents to support the call to war against Iraq (which made it into a State of the Union address, then was later disavowed). $6 Billion U.S. a month spent to fuel the war. 2,000 U.S. soldiers dead so far, with another 15,000 wounded seriously. 100s of 1,000s of Iraqi civilian casualties--mostly women and children. Then the first big whistle-blower who points out the Emperor has no clothes--Joseph Wilson--gets punished by the outing of his wife, Valerie Plame, as a CIA operative. Oops. How ever did that info get leaked? Rove’s testimony went like this, “All I said was ‘the wife of Joseph Wilson was a CIA agent.’ I never said her real name." News—Second card in the Bush House 'O Cards Tumbles!

  • War Against Terror is Bush's Jihad--The Jack of Diamonds. Bush hears the voice of God, directing him to invade Iraq, Afghanistan, and more. His administration labels the endless war machine--one that profitably props up their favorite companies (Haliburton, et al)--a "War on Terror," to get public buy-in for the interminable nature of it. (We all know terror is endless, so the expenditure will be endless too.) And since God made him do it, well, it can't be second-guessed, nor justified to mere laymen. Funny how Osama Bin Laden and Bush both use the same rhetoric.

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