Aug 29, 2008

Bless Me, Katrina, for I Have Sinned—A Bush Confession Rap: The Third Anniversary

In honor of the people who suffered—unnecessarily—in the disaster that was the Hurricane Katrina Disaster Rescue Disaster, I give you this repost to commemorate the third anniversary of the event. I wrote this confession rap to assuage some of the anger and helplessness I felt during the insane delay in the rescue efforts. For more of my posts on Hurricane Katrina, see the label, Katrina.

Bless me, Katrina

Bless me, Katrina

For I have sinned

I played golf

In Washington

On the day

You first blew in.

Though the Army Corps warned,

We’re not finished yet.

Levees could fail

We’re not taking bets.

Oops! There it goes—

Now there’s nothing left.

How’s that for a

Hands-off government?

Bless me, Katrina

For I messed up.

Hundreds more died

While I had my sup.

Bodies floated in a soup

Of poison and waste

To rescue them

We made no haste.

On day number two

I wondered who’d help

But said, “Heckuva job,


I couldn’t help myself.

On day number three

I thought about Iraq

And how we could win

Those oil fields back.

Six billion a month

To support the war

Can’t help New Orleans

‘Cause resources are poor.

A third-world country

Appeared overnight

Where there used to be

Blues and Mardi Gras delights.

Po' folks drowned,


Or Starved.

Lucky ones went quick

While others stayed mired.

Bless me, Katrina

For my negligence

On day number four

I made no penance.

Where’s the Jazz funeral

Or even the wake

For the 1800 dead

Who couldn’t escape?

On day number five

I finally showed up

For a photo op

In a casual get-up

While the living became nomads

Scattered coast to coast

A Diaspora of displaced

Who now feel

Like ghosts.

1.36 million

Is how many there are

In this widening


But could I still

Be a star?

Bless me, Katrina,

For it took me so long

I do listen to God

Who is never wrong . . .

Was it FEMA?

Was it Nagin?

Was it Brown?

Was it me?

After two weeks

I finally claimed


Rove made me say it

Without a halt

Though I really didn’t buy it

‘Cause this wasn’t my fault.


Copyright© 2005 by Tumerica. All Rights Reserved.

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