Aug 20, 2006

Mainstream Media and the Machinations of the War Machine

“Let me explain something to you about the algebra, if you will, of cable news: Three year war in Iraq is less than thirty day old bombing of Lebanon which is less than explosive Gatorade on a plane which is all chickenshit to a break in the ten year old murder case.” - Jon Stewart

I saw that on The Daily Show–the only show I allow myself to watch, and I thought, so true, so true. It’s amazing to me some folks actually trust the news as predigested and regurgitated from the mouths of flunkies for the corporate war machine. There’s a brilliant essay on this at by Amy Goodman. She says.

”As the Pentagon has learned, deploying the American media is more powerful than any bomb. The explosive effect is amplified as a few pro-war, pro-government media moguls consolidate their grip over the majority of news outlets. Media monopoly and militarism go hand in hand.

“When it comes to issues of war and peace, the results of having a compliant media are as deadly to our democracy as they are to our soldiers. Why do the corporate media cheerlead for war? One answer lies in the corporations themselves — the ones that own the major news outlets . . .

“The media organizations in charge of vetting our images of war have become fewer and bigger — and the news more uniform and gung ho. Six huge corporations now control the major U.S. media . . .”

The war machine gets to keep selling and selling as long as not much real coverage goes on of the Iraq war. If we saw what really happens over there, we’d lose our stomach for it. Instead, the MSM turns our attention to entertainment-style news. Keep the masses gumming pablum and not thinking about the atrocities we sponsor.

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