Sep 19, 2006

Gangsta Molls Instate Sex Ban: Give up the Gun or You Get None

In the disproportionately violent town of Pereira, Columbia, a remarkable thing is happening. Some girlfriends and wives of gangsters got together and decided to force the issue——the anti-violence issue, that is—by refusing to have sex with their mates until their mates turned in their guns. They are calling this sex-strike “the strike of crossed legs.” Support for this sex strike against violence goes all the way up to the mayor’s office.

One of the gangsta molls is quoted as telling a UK paper,
“We want them to know that violence is not sexy.” In addition, she and two dozen of the women on strike have gotten together and recorded a rap song to reach out to others. Some of the lyrics are:

As women we are worth a lot.
We don’t want to fall for violent men
Because with them we lose too much.

When will the sex strike end? When “their men hand over their weapons to authorities and sign up for vocational training offered by the mayor’’s office.” Pereira’s Security Secretary said surveys report that gangsters’ favorite activity is “having sex and their membership of gangs was more about power and sexual seduction than money.” If that’s the case, then expect to see results. Go, girls! Hit ‘em where it hurts.

Wonder if this sex ban would work in other arenas, say, to deter President Bush from continued illegal aggression in Iraq? Laura Bush, are you listening? But then again, Bush’s favorite activity seems to be more about power disguised as democracy. Probably have to think of something else. Anyone have any ideas?


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