Sep 4, 2006

How Well Do You Really Know Bob Dylan?: Trivia Quiz

  1. What names or pseudonyms has Bob Dylan gone by:
    1. Robert Allen Zimmerman
    2. Shabtai Zisel ben Avraham
    3. Blind Boy Grunt
    4. Elston Gunn
    5. All of the above

  1. Which city did Dylan not live in?
    1. New York City
    2. Montreal, Canada
    3. Hibbing, Minnesota
    4. Duluth, Minnesota

  1. Who of the following was not a major influence on Dylan’s music?
    1. Woody Guthrie
    2. Billie Holiday
    3. Pete Seeger
    4. Robert Johnson
    5. Odetta
    6. Leadbelly

  1. How many songs has Dylan penned?
    1. 147
    2. 215
    3. 311
    4. 475

  1. Which instrument does Dylan not play?
    1. Trumpet
    2. Harmonica
    3. Guitar
    4. Piano

  1. What current recording artist’s name appears in a track from the just-released Modern Times album?
    1. Christine Aguillera
    2. Beyoncé
    3. Alicia Keys
    4. Pink

  1. Which poet was an important influence on Dylan’s lyrics?
    1. William Wordsworth Longfellow
    2. Edgar Allen Poe
    3. Dylan Thomas
    4. William Butler Yeats
    5. Carl Sandburg

  1. Which of the following has Dylan not stolen?
    1. Albums
    2. Melodies
    3. A Harley-Davidson
    4. Girlfriends

  1. Which of these tall tales has Dylan not claimed to be true about him?
    1. That he worked a short time as a gigolo
    2. That he rode a train across the country and lived as a hobo
    3. That he traveled with a carnival
    4. That he is part Lakota Sioux

  1. What job has Dylan never held?

a. Back-up musician

b. School teacher

c. Songwriter

d. Busboy

  1. Who of the following has not been romantically linked with Dylan?
    1. Joan Baez
    2. Bonnie Beecher
    3. Suze Rotolo
    4. Joni Mitchell
    5. Sara Nozinsky Lownds

  1. Which of the following is false?
    1. Dylan was in a serious car accident and remained out of the spotlight for three years while he recovered.
    2. Dylan is an excellent chess player.
    3. Dylan hates to get his hair cut professionally, and he often asks his girlfriends to cut it instead.
    4. Dylan has said that he wishes he’d been a physician instead of a singer/songwriter.

  1. Who is not one of Dylan’s children?
    1. Jesse Dylan, the film director of American Wedding
    2. Anna Dylan
    3. Samuel Dylan
    4. Jakob Dylan, singer/songwriter of the Wallflowers
    5. Desiree Dennis-Dylan
    6. None. They are all his children.


  1. e. Dylan has a long list of aliases he has used, as well as his birth name and his Jewish name.
  1. b. Dylan has lived mostly in Minnesota, New York, and California.
  1. b. Billie Holiday was not a known influence
  1. d. Although the iTunes Dylan collection release has over 700 tracks, but it includes outtakes and variations
  1. a. Trumpet
  1. c. Alicia Keys
  1. c. Dylan Thomas
  1. c. A Harley-Davidson
  1. a. He’s told some tall tales, but never claimed to be a gigolo.
  1. b. The only job other than in music that Dylan ever held was as a busboy at a restaurant.
  1. d. Joni Mitchell was influenced by Dylan’s work, but that’s all.
  1. a. Dylan was in a serious motorcycle accident. It was reputed that he broke his neck.
  1. f. Desiree is his child by his second, “secret” marriage to singer Carolyn Dennis.


1–4 Correct You’re just getting to know Dylan—lucky you—you’ve got a lifetime of catching up to do.

5–9 Correct You’ve had your eye on Dylan for a while, maybe been influenced by him—but so many more roads to travel.

10–13 Correct You’re a true devotee and among the most knowledgeable—you could start your own Dylan fanzine.


Davie67 said...

I got 10 right. Woo hoo!

Davie67 said...

I got 10 right. Woo-hoo!

Carolyn Blount Brodersen said...

You are brilliant! No surprise there, of course. I could never have answered these if I hadn't done the research. Hes quite the character, huh? Cheers!