Oct 3, 2006

Belly Dance

Her belly thinks of you
electric tingles
of you
water-flow current
joy-slide of you
sing-dance jiggling
as a middle-eastern
dancer, half-hidden
behind veils
sexy in her furtive
unavailability and
sheer presence.
Her body offers up
the cosmic rhythms
the gasping
frantic vibrations
stirred stampings
of purple conjugality’s promise.

Each time a couple unites
They form an umbilical connection
An invisible and visceral bond
that spans the distance
through a feel-fiber.
Each new lover
a fresh cord.
Sprouting into
a Medusa susurrus
of thickening strands.

She’s unavailable,
more than hidden by veils
of investment in the
not-you world.
She feels mildly traitorous
and likes it too well.
Her inner gypsy has only
secret silky underthings,
and the woman-sexy
lilting in her step.

You asked, is monogamy possible
and she said no,

When the music dies
she sashays into the darkness
with only a thought-cord
draped around her belly.

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