Oct 31, 2006

The Death of the U.S. Constitution

One more piece of the Constitution (according to Bush, "just a goddamned piece of paper") of the United States of America was completely obliterated with the recent singing of the Military Tribunals bill. Like the Patriot Act, I couldn't believe such blatantly unconstitutional and, in fact, un-American removal of our basic rights could get passed into law so easily. Seems like one more oil-slick nail in the coffin of our common liberties, and one more double-reinforced steel-toed boot step closer to a police state in this country.

My poor daddy, who almost died many times fighting in World War II (Pacific theater, B-24 pilot), in the Korean War, and later, reluctantly, in Vietnam, fought for what, all our freedoms to be quashed—justlikethat—by some monkey-brained pipsqueak who stole two elections and helped create the New Pearl Harbor? I tell you, I never talk politics with my daddy—he’s still loyal and at age 85, it’s too late to change anyone’s mind. Nor do I really want him to know his country has been overtaken by a monstrous war-machine driven faction made up of people who are willing to do anything to keep tyrannical power. He protected me when I was a little kid. Now it’s my turn to protect him. Damn sad, though, damn sorry state is what it is.

At least you and I and others like us can still write these words. We can protest and talk and gather. That is until we are declared “enemy combatants” and carted away justlikethat too. My little girl will be sad. (I’m being melodramatic here—forgive me), but hopefully one day she’ll realize her mama was fighting—in her own way—against the forces of tyranny.


From The Truth about George:

". . . the risks to our citizens’ rights today are potentially more grave, as the war on terror has no specific end point."

A Partial List of How Bush has trashed the Constitution:
  • Widespread warrantless domestic surveillance of innocent Americans
  • No Child Left Behind Act Invades Family Privacy
  • Bush Approved Record Number of Secret Searches
  • Bush Appoints Affirmative Action Critic and Opponent of Title IX to Head the U.S. Civil Rights Commission
  • Bush Snubs the Nation's Oldest and Largest Civil Rights Group
  • Bush Endorses Anti-Marriage Constitutional Amendment
  • Bush Proposes Second-Class Status for Immigrants
  • Bush's Faith-Based Initiative Leads to Taxpayers Funding Discrimination
  • Bush Administration Opposes Amendment Limiting Threats to Civil Liberties
  • Bush Wants to Allow Federally-Funded Religious Groups to Discriminate Based on Religion and Sexual Orientation

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