Oct 6, 2006

Foley Folly Fallout II: "If I was one of those sickos who did this, I'd be nervous"

Mark Foley Then
  • New evidence suggests Foley may have predated upon minors with solicitous e-mails going back as far as ten years ago
  • Co-chair of the House Caucus on Missing and Exploited children
  • Popular six-term Congressman, having gotten away with it for so long, goes crazy with the cyber-sex, even interrupting voting to simulate orgasms with a 16-year-old
  • Met a teen somewhere in San Diego, as one IM shows ("i miss you lots since san diego")
  • Showed up drunk at a page dorm (Time magazine)
  • "He vigorously opposed gay marriage, he spruiked 'family values' and, above all, he was a dedicated campaigner against the exploitation of children — even though he must have known that for many of the Republican Party's evangelical base the exploitation of children was mainly the work of rapacious and predatory homosexuals." (The Age, Australia)
  • As his own legislation was passed, said "If I was one of those sickos who did this, I'd be nervous."

Time to be nervous, Foley, be very nervous . . .

Mark Foley Now

  • Claims he was abused by clergy as a child. Why am I finding this hard to believe? Sounds like a Rove sound-bite made up to purloin sympathy.
  • Checked into an alcohol rehabilitation center in Clearwater, Florida—a center run by the, you guessed it, Scientologists. Now aren't those the same Scientologists who purport that homosexuality is a physical illness that must be "cured" (without drugs, Tom Cruise, so don't get your tighty whitey in a wad)? Foley's cruisin' for a bruisin' whichever way he gets "fixed."

Why I Love Foleygate
The mean part of me delights in this Foleygate story and its sordid unraveling in public. Why?

  • It's better than MonicaGate for sheer lubriciousness
  • The prissy conservatives are forming a "circular firing squad" of blame as monkeys tossing poop at each other
  • The cosmic irony of the head hypocrite whoe architected the law to put away sexual predators being toppled by it
  • Hope springs eternal. Even hope for the demise of the truly evil. (Every parent knows what evil I am talking about.)
  • The Republican members of the House Page Committee failed to let the sole Democratic member of the committee know what they knew about the Foley e-mails. This pathetic hamstringing of Democrats is nothing new. Finally, though, it has come to media attention.
  • Evangelical base gets a smack in the face. They've heartily supported the "Values Party" for so long now. Hmm. Looks like values of dishonesty, collusion, canoodling with minors, and corruption of same.
  • The G.O.P.-ruled House may lose up to 50 seats—would you vote for the former "Values Party," now the "Grand Ol' Pedophile" party?
  • The thought of Democrats retaking the House—and maybe even the Senate—is a delightful prospect. May not solve everything, but will certainly help to stir me out of this helplessness funk that the past five years with BushCo at the helm have rendered.
Let's EX-FOLEY-ATE the House and the Congress. Vote anti-Republican this November!

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