Oct 3, 2006

Foley Folly Fallout

I miss you lots since san diego

I want to see you

I would drive a few miles for a hot stud like you

Do you feel like you are looking over the shoulder of your college kid as he types in a few sexy instant messages for his latest assignation? Nope. Try a 50-something Congressman who was
co-chairman of the House Caucus on Missing and Exploited Children to a 16-year-old boy, a former page.

Maf54: and then what happens
Teen: we eat…we drink…who knows…hang out…late into the night
Maf54: and
Teen: I dunno
Maf54: dunno what
Teen: hmmm I have the feeling that you are
fishing here…im not sure what I would be comfortable with…well see

Congressman Mark Foley and the page go on to discuss body parts, masturbation, and other sex acts. Other pages have admitted to sexual IMs from the congressman as well. Naturally, when the major stink came out, Foley resigned. But that's just the beginning of the scandal.

Now, just when did the FBI know about the e-mails of the sexually predatory Foley? A week ago? A month? Try this past July.

Melanie Sloan, executive director of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (what must be a busy group), had this to say:
“Since the FBI has known about Rep. Foley’s emails since July, the question arises: Did the administration help to cover up Rep. Foley’s conduct and leave a potential sexual predator on the loose? Was the administration more concerned with protecting a powerful ally in Congress than with protecting children?”

Just when Congress officials knew about the predatory e-mails and IMs is the subject of great debate. Hastert has steadfastly disavowed any clear memory of when he found out, although an anonymous former aide to Foley declares that he warned Haster's aides three years ago. Of course, Haster's staff continue to deny this.

Even staunch conservative allies are mightily pissed off, in what's been termed a growing revolt.
House Leader Dennis Hastert is facing calls for his own resignation.

From the Washington Post article, the political ramifications are legion:

Republicans say they are in grave danger of losing the seat of former House majority leader Tom DeLay (Tex.), as well as those held by Rep. Robert W. Ney (Ohio)—who agreed to plead guilty to corruption charges in the investigation into the activities of convicted former lobbyist Jack Abramoff—and Rep. Don Sherwood (Pa.), who has been embroiled in a scandal over an affair.

Taking the image of an employee goofing off at work to a depraved level, new evidence reveals that the six-term Congressman sophomorically interrupted voting to engage in cyber-sex:

Maf54: I miss you
Teen: ya me too
Maf54: we are still voting
Maf54: you miss me too

[Foley and the teen go on to describe having orgasms.]

Maf54: ok..i better go vote..did you know you would have this effect on me
Teen: lol I guessed
Teen: ya go vote…I don't want to keep you from doing our job
Maf54: can I have a good kiss goodnight
Teen: :-*

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