Oct 16, 2006

Speaker Hastert to Step Down?: Saddam's Minister Thinks So

When I read this article in Mother Jones, I felt I was reading an article in The National Enquirer. Get a load of this title, "Evangelist Who Counseled Saddam Says Hastert Promises to Resign." But MoJo, the smart, sassy, independent news magazine publishes the truth--you can count on it. Apparently, K.A. Paul, the controversial evangelical minister who has counseled Saddam Hussein, Slobodan Milsevic, Tom Delay, and Abu Musab al-Zarqawi (in no special ranking by vileness), went out of his way to witness to, er, assist House Speaker Dennis Hastert. Paul was hoping to convince Hastert that he needed to "put the people and the country before himself," and that "the Foley scandal is distracting America from more pressing problems such as alleviating global poverty." Cannot argue with those points. Paul came away from the meeting with Hastert convinced that the resignation will be forthcoming. Let's hope this freaky title becomes reality.

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