Nov 2, 2006

Kerry's Kerfuffle & the Self-Destruction of the Democrats: Why You Must VOTE ANYWAY

John Kerry's recent "stuck in Iraq" comment was the endpoint of a litany against Bush. As Keith Olbermann so astutely put it, the joke was that Kerry was suggesting Bush is stupid—and, like the song, "Swinging on a Star, "If you don't read your books when you're in school/You could grow up to be a mule." If you don't study hard you could end up being like Bush in that your "stay the course" mentality keeps you effectively stuck in Iraq (read: unable to think creatively). As a decorated war veteran who VOLUNTEERED for Vietnam war service, Kerry would be the last human on earth to criticize the troops.

Then, surprise, surprise, some Democrats—instead of cutting the exhausted, campaign-weary Kerry a little slack—pounce on him as though they were in fact Republicans. Sickening to watch, really. Makes me wonder if there are more Republican wolves (like newly Independent Joe Lieberman) thinly disguised as Democratic sheep.

And naturally, the fear-and-smear campaign tactics of a scandal-beleaguered and all-but-defeated GOP are in much evidence lately. The only way Republicans will win next week is with the help of their friends the folks at Diebold Electronic voting. Fully 80 to 90 percent of this election's votes will be counted by electronic voting machines (Diebold, Sequoia, and others). Be afraid. Be very much afraid. But don't believe me—check out tonight's HBO film, Hacking Democracy, and find out for yourself. And vote anyway—because this election is not a done-deal yet: the Republicans may not get away with vote theft this time (one can hope); overwhelming numbers at the polls might do the trick; and lastly, b'gosh, it's our Constitutional right to exercise our vote (at least that may be one of the few remaining pieces of the Constitution unpillaged by the current administration). Vote, dammit, VOTE!

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