Nov 12, 2013

Silly Kid Sayings for Thanksgiving

Dear Readers,
Happiest Thanksgiving to you. Please accept this brief, silly interlude as a small wish of love, from my family to yours.


Jaclynisms (my daughter at two years of age)
While scooping up a wad of apple sauce,
"Happy birthday to my fingers"
While rubbing a tube-shaped rice cracker on her lips,
"I'm using lipstick"
Seeing ketchup on her fingers,
The green vegetable that looks like little trees

Jaclynisms (at three years of age)
Dinner Prayers
Thank you for our flowers
All your hands and
All your hair—
Let us taste our daily toast. Amen.

Thank you for my Daddy
Who is very good at coloring. Amen.

(Note: He's a landscape architect)
How to Make a Horsey Go Faster, yell,
When asked to take a nap on a sunny afternoon,
"Would you turn out the light?"
The Japanese food made from soybeans
What we use on our skin to protect it from the sun

"Sun's cream"

What we ride to go to another floor
The Tropical Fruit Sometimes Appearing on Pizza

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Barbara Cook said...

LOL, those kids are pretty hilarious! So cute!

Barbara Cook
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