Nov 3, 2006

Vote-Flipper vs. Whistle-Blower: Who Will Win This Contest?

Post Election Update
Unfortunately, Clint Curtis did not win his bid for election against Tom Feeney. However, the word is out and we will likely hear more about the bad karma that's bound to follow Feeney around. (See below.)


The David and Goliath Story
Once upon a time, back in 2000, a computer programmer named Clint Curtis worked at Yang Enterprises, a software engineering firm, where he was the lead developer writing software for NASA, FDOT, and other important high-tech clients. Curtis was approached by [now] Congressman Tom Feeney (R-Fl) who was then the Speaker of the Florida House (as well as the general counsel and a paid lobbyist for Yang Enterprises) with a question: Can you program software to flip the vote? That is, if a voter chooses a Democratic candidate, could the software be made to tally a vote for a Republican candidate instead?

Curtis blew the whistle about the vote-flipping and was immediately fired. But wait—the story gets worse—it involves at least one mysterious death, and the eventual running of the very same Clint Curtis against, you guessed it, his old nemesis Tom Feeney for the same House of Representatives seat in Florida.

Curtis swore that this vote-flipping request was true in both a signed affidavit and in his testimony before a congressional committee (he also passed a polygraph test). Of course Feeney denies everything, but Brad Blog investigative reporter Brad Friedman has spent three years researching this story and finds many holes in Feeney's claims with utter corroboration of Curtis's claims. But have you seen this inflammatory story covered by the mainstream media anywhere?

Reports about vote flipping are coming out already about this election, and they always have two things in common: the vote flipping takes place on a touch-screen electronic voting system, and the vote flip is from an intended Democratic vote that flips to a Republican—never the other way around. (OpEdNews, VoteTrustUsa)

So far, compared to Feeney's Goliath campaign spending, Curtis, with only 5% of the funds, is at least dead even in voter popularity. Florida's 24th congressional district will be a race to watch. And when the smoke clears, let's hope Curtis's little rock fells the nasty giant.

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