Dec 11, 2006

2008 Democratic Dream Team: Combine Forces for Strength

Not Hillary Clinton, not Vilsack (who?), and not even Obama—whom I cannot help but adore. John Edwards pitching. Barack Obama covering first base, and Hillary Clinton is the catcher. So, for fun—if you will indulge me—here's my dream team for the 2008 presidential election.

Dream Ticket

  • John Edwards, President
  • Barack Obama, Vice President

Other Positions in This Administration
  • Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State (she'd also be excellent as Secretary of Education)
  • John Murtha, Secretary of Defense (that'd be fun!)
  • Al Gore, Administrator of the E.P.A.
  • Dennis Kucinich, Secretary of the Interior
  • Henry M. Paulson, Jr., Secretary of the Treasury (yes, he's already in office—too great to not re-appoint him—the only actual wise appointee from the Bush admin—he's green to the core and a noble person)

John Edwards
John Edwards because—being a fellow North Carolinian—I've had the pleasure of following his career all along. He's a fine young cannibal. Trustworthy (I know—scary to use that word in the same sentence with politician), from a humble background (daddy was a mill worker), who worked tirelessly as a Robin Hood in his former incarnation as an attorney. Only mark against him I can see is his stance of "marriage is between a man and a woman." That's a bummer, but, again, he IS from North Carolina. For the most part, that's a good thing. I think he'll come around on this issue. Besides, we never get 100% what we want in one person--ever. Marriage included. On Iraq, Edwards admitted he was wrong when he realized it. I appreciate his candor. Reminds me of Jimmy Carter on several levels. He's a good guy and there's no dirt on him whatsoever.

Barack Obama
Barack Obama—what's not to love? He opposed the war on Iraq from the beginning. He speaks with fresh energy and charisma, and has his long fingers on the zeitgeist. Keep your eyes on this wonderful man—he's gonna be BIG. BUT, because of his youth—the same element that makes him so fresh—he's also vulnerable. Give him time. Let him take up the second-in-command. You won't be sorry.

Hillary Clinton
Yes, Hillary Clinton. Now I was always a fan of hers until—and this is a large UNTIL—she refused to say anything controversial, starting around September 11. She roared in silence on the Patriot Act. She caterwauled in silence on the issue of Iraq. She screamed with silence on Bush's incompetence. Her silence has not gone unnoticed. It's loud enough to alienate many. But, she's still a tigress. And despite the fact that I no longer feel confident about her motives, and realize she is the quintessential politico (playing to the safety factor), still, I believe she must be in the process somewhere. To exclude her would be disastrous. To put her on the ticket, however, would mean handing the election over to the Republicans. Her real enemies are legion, sadly. She can also accomplish plenty good and is a hard worker—as long as her agenda is straight. Give her the highest-level position possible—and keep her in plain sight.

Now, Who's Your Dream Team?

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