Jan 15, 2007

Wee-holding Wii Contestant Fails to Win Wii for her Wee Ones and Dies Trying

Part III

KDND, realizing they are in deep doo-doo, do their best to make amends to the family of the fallen contestant of their station's contest. I demanded more--a lawsuit seemed forthcoming--and, in fact, it was. ON Jan. 19, the Strange family filed suit. It's the sort of glaring injustice that certain trial lawyers muse find impossibly compelling. I certainly would.

Meanwhile, the plot does thicken: recordings of the DJs on that fateful morning have been posted to the Internet (thank god for high-tech--harder to get away with injustice when it's so easy to record and publish the truth). "
The DJs had joked about people dying from water intoxication and teased Strange about her distended stomach." The DJs clearly knew of the dangers, were toying with death for mere publicity, and now, those same publicity whores may face criminal charges. The Sacramento county sheriff's office has now launched an investigation.


Part II

Turns out the radio station, KDND, possibly due to public outcry and possibly because they are owning up to their culpability, have fired a total of 10 of their employees on Tuesday—three DJs and seven others. Ms. Strange was found to have consumed almost two GALLONS of water before her death. Surely a lawsuit is on its way, but at least this move by the station was a positive one.


Part I

File this under Just Plain Wrong, if not Downright Absurd, and Completely Tragic. You've heard of the madness attendant with the release of Nintendo's Wii video game system, but how about this? A radio station in Sacramento, California sponsors a contest: drink the most water without going to pee and you can win a new Wii (value: about $250). Contestants came to the station, were given 8 oz. bottles to drink, and one man reported that after five, he couldn't handle it any more. Determined to keep trying—for the sake of her three kids—28 year old Jennifer Strange keep guzzling. And ended up dead on the floor of her home later that night. Coroners pronounced it death by water intoxication.

First of all, fire the marketing manager for the radio station (KDND 107.9, Sacramento). Secondly, would someone please send this poor lady's family a Nintendo Wii already? Thirdly, how about a nice, fat lawsuit for KDND? What kind of morons would conduct a contest like this anyway? Lawsuit compensation can then set up a trust fund for the Strange children—not that that will help the poor kids feel better, but it's a start. Sure, Ms. Strange was not the sharpest pencil for participating in this way. Most folks would probably have steered clear of a contest like that. And if the station had wanted a similar effect, they could have had contestants drink sports drinks—like Gatorade—instead of water (sports drinks contain the necessary salt and other minerals needed to maintain blood chemistry and avoid water toxicity).

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