Apr 25, 2007

Chain-chain-chain, Cheney of Fools / But Impeachment Now May Be the New Rule

Chain, chain, chain, Cheney of fools
Six long years you thought you were The Man
But we found out about your evil plans
Thought you had us where you wanted us
But we ain't gonna stay your fools
You treated us mean oh you treated us cruel
But impeachment now may be the new rule
Chain, chain, chain, Cheney of fools

Oh, my pet topic has finally come up for real—the topic Nancy Pelosi made a secret under-the-table deal with the Grim-Reapublican party not to introduce if she be made speaker. (Hey, I like Pelosi, but she did not have to sell any soul to get where she got--she had the momentum going anyway.)

Back to impeachment, maverick and bold and wonderful Dennis Kucinich--who also practices yoga, by the way, just one of many reasons why I love him--has introduced articles of impeachment--bless you, Denny-boy--today against, well, Cheney. His logic was unimpeachable, insisting it's more "practical" to impeach Cheney than Bush.

You know, I often wondered how that would work. We impeach Bush for leading us into an illegal war against Iraq, with blatantly false claims about weapons of mass destruction that turned out to be constructed of propaganda and hot air rather than enriched uranium--and then we're stuck with the puppeteer, Cheney as the overt rather than covert leader? Arggghhhh!

Impeach both of them in one swoop? Too difficult to get through congress, too messy. Ah, how inspired to impeach the worst monster, thereby emasculating the puppet-demi-god. Perfection! Why didn't I think of it sooner?

Practical is right, Kucinich! Impeach Cheney Now. And don't forget, April 28 is Nationwide Impeachment Action Day. See A28.org for more details. Also check out ImpeachCheneyNow.org.

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