Apr 30, 2007

"Impeach the Peach at the Beach" Event in Ventura, California

Saturday was national Impeachment day and there were live protests staged all over the country. So Saturday my family and I all went to the beach (yeah, it's only a mile away) on a cloudy morning and joined with some other volunteers to help spell out the letters, "IMPEACH" in the sand. Each letter was about 20' by 20', and we mounded the letters up and surrounded them with rocks. It was hard work but fun. I got a blister on my right thumb from the shovel (that's me in the coral jacket above, and in the light-green t-shirt at right). Even my almost four-year-old Jaclyn (in the green jacket in the pic above) scooped up water to pour onto our sand letters (wouldn't it be funny if the first word she learned how to write was "IMPEACH"?) Here's what our handiwork looked like at the end of the day.

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