Apr 26, 2007

Return of the High-waist Pant: Channeling Katherine Hepburn with Demure Sex Appeal

Oh, I am excited about the return of the high-waist pant. Low-low-waist is so 90s and now looks a bit, well, trashy. Somewhat-low waist (a couple of inches below the waist) has been good because it's comfortable while still covering all the necessary parts--and I'm still going to wear those, especially the wide-legged ones. Medium-waist--the look that was hot in the 80s--was the style that what made me craziest of all. When pants hit you right on your waistline, you can't breathe as well. Kinda like neckties restrict the flow of blood to a man's brain. Same kind of physical annoyance.

Now a true high-waist pant, one that hits a couple of inches above the waist shows off a woman's curves while throwing in an aura of demure sexiness (and voila, you can still breathe--because your tummy stretches where the material is looser). The high waist must be the right height and cut. Like Debutante Clothing blog said, they gotta have leg volume to balance the high waist. So sexy, so Katherine Hepburn, so in right now. Pair them with chunky-heeled peep-toe shoes.

Gotta have those high-waist pants but where to get them? Luckily, I kept a pair from the late 80s that I got at a fancy Japanese department store in Tokyo when I lived there. They are a hip olive green and 100% wool--wide-legged and cuffed, with about a zillion pleats. They are so rad but sadly, the wool means it's gonna get hot in there in a few weeks. Wish I had a copy-cat version in something cotton. Anyone know how to make a pattern from a piece of clothing? Once a trend hits, it takes a while to trickle down to the local stores so folks like me can access them. Right now the few high-waist pants you can find--if they are not sold out already, are all in the $200 range.

Also notice that 1940s-style bathing suits are hot this year--those that stretch up high in the tummy with the tops that stretch down low, with lots of cute prints like polka dots or even seersucker. So pin-up girl. So Betty Page. So cute.

I am ready for the 40s redux--bring it on! The new demure--hurray! And be sure to put on that vibrant red lipstick, gals. Fun is sure to be yours.

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