Apr 17, 2007

Virginia Tech Mass-murderer Leaves Behind Disturbing Creative Writings

What makes someone go postal? Does it start with a sociopathic personality, one with complete disregard for compassion? Is it more a desperate unquenchable urge to control? What turns simmering anger and hate and frustration into the thought that goes into purchasing guns and chains, plotting to attack, and killing as many as possible before the self-imposed end?

EarthTimes.org reports, the Virginia Tech mass murderer, Cho Seung-hui, left a note listing his hatred of "rich kids," "debauchery" and "deceitful charlatans." The Chicago Tribune reports the note was found in Cho's Harper Hall dorm room. Cho, 23, a legal permanent resident on a Green Card, came to the United States in 1992. He was described as a loner and even reviled by his fellow students, as shows up in FaceBook.com, in discussion groups such as
"Cho Seung-Hui is pure evil," and "I Hope Cho Seung-hui Burns in Hell." On NPR this morning, there was discussion that his first female victim was also the object of his unrequited affection.

Cho Seung-hui leaves behind creative writings, which were violent and disturbing enough to prompt at least one of his professors to recommend he get counseling. You can read his ten-page play, Richard McBeef, at TheSmokingGun.com. I skimmed over it, and found it so depraved and senseless, I simply stopped reading it.

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