Jul 17, 2007

Harry Reid to Republicans: Give me Cloture? I'll Give You an All-nighter

Cloture vs. All-nighter

  1. Withdraw troops no later than April, 2008
  2. Reduce the number of troops no later than 120 days after the passage of the amendment

These are the two strictures of the Reed-Levin Troop Redeployment bill. In one corner are Republicans threatening a filibuster. In the other is Senate majority leader Give-'em-Hell Harry Reid, threatening cloture--which would allow up to 30 hours of debate--with no breaks. Meaning, you filibuster this puppy and you fixin' to pull an all-nighter.

I remember an all-nighter in college where I downed an entire pound of peanut M-n-Ms. The feeling I got was somewhere between high and the color the the one M-n-M that's reputed to make you feel amorous. (That was the 80s, before the blue M-n-M hit the candy aisles.) When I hear all-nighter, I think green M-n-Ms. Ick. But the Senate has let us down, has let the world down, and an all-nighter is the lightest punishment I could imagine. Glad Harry Reid has the courage of the Wizard of Oz lion to do this. GOP Sen. Voinovich predicted the "fur is going to start to fly." Is now soon enough?

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