Jul 20, 2007

If Bush Had His Way, We'd Attack Pakistan and Iran—We're Lucky He's Undergoing Colonoscopy—or Are We?

Musharraf Going Down?

"The Bush administration, after publicly demanding that Musharraf rein in militants linked to al Qaida, on Wednesday threatened to launch attacks into Pakistani territory if it sees fit." Not the first time Pervez Musharraf has heard a threat of bombing extrude from the many mouths of the Bush regime. The Taliban in that area of Pakistan—North Waziristan, near the border with Afghanistan—have given up on peace talks. 17 soldiers were killed in a recent clash there, and speculation has been rampant that Musharraf—whose fortunes have been waning of late with the reinstatement of his arch-enemy, Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry—would send a forceful military crackdown to the region. If Paki military forces show up in the area, though, expect reprisals and a delicate situation to blow right up. Doesn't help that Bush's press-patsy, Tony Snow, shakes his skinny baboon fist in the air, droning on about U.S. military chutzpah. Meanwhile, the street cred is that Musharraf is going down, way on down. Popular sentiment is wildly against him, and it won’t take long before the public in Pakistan gets what it wants.

The Bush that Can't Be Pruned
Completely opposite situation here in the States, where the wildly unpopular Bush presence, though threatened from every side, seems to linger in a ghost-like moment of incredulity. His hard-core buddies on the right are skipping out of the anything-for-the-War-Against-Iraq town, although not enough cojones, er, votes from Republican senators this past Tuesday to force a showdown on troop withdrawal. How can this dog-and-pony show keep playing the same show and get away with it?

What Sane Entity Would Attack Iran?
The War Against Iraq hasn’t worked by anyone’s estimation, except perhaps General Betrayus, er Petraus, who is well-known for spouting political effluvia and overly optimistic testosterone-laden propaganda in support of any and all war efforts. He’s the latest hired hand to become a ventriloquist dummy for the Bush apparatus that never dies, that same apparatus that has had its beady eyes on Iran and has spent, admittedly, fleetloads of cash on anti-Iran propaganda—most unsuccessfully, according to Newsweek’s issue on “181 Things You Need to Know” (a wonderful read, by the way—check it out for free on Newsweek.com). Bush has also tried to drum up any reason to rattle our sabers at Iran, stupidly by any account, because Iran is 1) Powerful, 2) Rich, 3) Has a humongous, well-armed military, and 4) Has a near-crazy, religious zealot of a leader. Sounds kinda like the U.S., huh?

Bad Gut Feelings
Now we hear the other ventriloquist dummy, POTUS, Lil’ Hitler, Bush, whatever you wish to call him, is going in for “routine colonoscopy.” Well, I don’t know much about gut-surgery, but I do know my mother had colonoscopy and it could not be described as a quickie surgery. The worst thing about the President’s surgery is the announcement that while Mini-Me is incapacitated, the most evil being on the planet, Dr. No himself, will be in charge. Not that Cheney hasn’t always been in charge, but now he’ll be in charge without the façade of impediments.

Meanwhile, we can expect that other odd “gut feeling,”—the one announced by the First-Runner-Up in the Mr. Vileness contest, Michael Chertoff, as a reason for a terror threat sometime in the summer—to be made manifest. Could someone just say, the Bush regime has a terror plan on its little agenda? Will it be in Pakistan? In Iran? Or at home?

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