Jul 9, 2007

Madonna Rocks Live Earth with Celtic-Gypsy-Spanish La Isla Bonita

Love this performance by Madonna and company at Live Earth--great backdrop, killer twist to the old song, La Isla Bonita, with revved up, uber-spicy Gypsy singing and fiddle-work. The Goddess, pushing 50 though she may be, looks like a 20-something (kinda scary, isn't it?). If nothing else, you've gotta admit, she's a style-pioneer--always cutting edge in her taste. Her voice? Not much there, but as a former singer, I can tell you, it's close to impossible to do all that choreography onstage (I stayed in mostly one spot when I sang) and belt out any semblance of a good voice. Too much going on. All in all, I love this piece. It's so much fun to watch her, and I would so love her hand-me-down clothes (we're the same size, height and weight, amazingly--I just don't have her rock-hard physique).

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