Jul 16, 2007

Republican Sentator: The Bush Administration “F—ed up” the War

This opinion comes as a big, fat, late, "duh" from most of us Progressive bloggers, but still shocking when a GOP big-wig senator admits the truth, using the F-word in all its infamy to describe the way the White House handled the War Against Iraq (WAI, as in Way Absolutely Insane). The profanity-spewing senator in question? George Voinovich of Ohio. The context was that Voinovich was warning Karl The-Architect-of-the-Illegal-War Rove that Bush needed to be concerned about his legacy, “unless he can come up with a plan that protects the troops and stabilizes the region.” Legacy? What legacy? Oh, you mean historians labeling Bush as the most stark-raving mad leader of a major power since, um, Hitler?

Notable Republican senators have been noisily defecting from the president's side on the Iraq issue in recent weeks. But how many Republican senators does it take to screw in a light bulb, er, draft a get-out-of-Iraq now plan? Stay tuned, for as Voinovich so ignominiously pointed out, "the fur is going to start to fly." (I would have said, "the fur is fixin' to fly" because it rolls off the tongue better and because I'm a southerner.) Bring on the smack-down. How about everybody on one side and the Maniac-in-Chief on the other?

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