Jul 23, 2007

"Haircut Journalism" Smear Tactics Now Focus on Clinton's Cleavage

The Washington Post stooped to a new low with Robin Givhan's July 20th article on Senator Hillary Clinton’s cleavage (“Hillary Clinton's Tentative Dip Into New Neckline Territory”—I am not linking to it because I will not promote such an article). Would The Post run a similar article on George W. Bush's crotch bulge (or lack thereof), or perhaps on Dick Cheney's declining sex appeal that is inversely proportional to his expanding belly? The answer is an unequivocal “no.” This kind of reporting may be worthy of The National Enquirer, but People Magazine would not even stoop so low. Was the editor asleep on this one or was there complicity with the Republican agenda to discredit a viable Democratic candidate and therefore a threat? Abominable and disgusting political tactics and bad journalism, this style of reporting is what noted blogger Majikthise calls "haircut journalism," after the smear campaign the mainstream media focused on John Edwards' pricey haircuts, published solely to discredit him.

For my part, I will no longer be reading any articles from The Washington Post until a full apology by the editor is published—or until the editor resigns or is fired.

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