Aug 27, 2007

¡Adios, Gonzo! We Won't Miss You, Buddy

Yeah! Alberto "The Gonzo" Gonzales has left the building, too, taking his sadistic indifference to the Geneva Conventions, his lame excuses for wiretapping, his dodging of the political firings of US attorneys, his horrendous disregard for the content of the "It’s just a goddamned piece of paper" U.S. Constitution—with him. The exhaust fumes from his white Bronco are still in our noses from his guilty dash down the freeway (only, yeah, the dash has taken a few months and a painful lot of exposure).

And it may take years to get to the bottom of Gonzales's reservoir of illegal deeds while in the Attorney General position. But, ah, let me feel a little joy for just a while. Hurray!

Next up: Gonzo signs six-figure deal for publishing rights to his memoir, entitled, So What If I Did It? Bush Made Me.

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