Aug 13, 2007

Bush's Brain Has Left the Building

Was that a bobble-head doll or was it Karl Rove, dashing to the exit, only after Rummy, Colin Powell, and everyone else with an ounce of self-preservation left in their evolutionary hoard of goodies has long since done so? One-and-a-half years being interminable to those of us who do not profit from the Bush-oil cartel (Halliburton’s certainly having a hay-ride), I've taken to creating my own fantasy-land, complete with warm, fuzzy thoughts about Edwards, Hillary, Obama, Hell-Anybody-for-President. Even—gasp—Ralph Nader (I still hate him for firmly placing Lil' Hitler Bush in the White House to begin with back in the Hanging Chad 2000 Election Fraud).

Insiders swear that with Cheney jonesing to bomb Iran ( I know--how ugly and stoopid can you get? Let's just solidify the American role of most-hated in the world with a coup de grĂ¢ce, huh?), and Rove on the other end of the ring urging, what? Caution?

Meanwhile, Rove's been dodging subpoena bullets that are flying thick and furious from the U.S. Attorney scandal zombies that just won't stay dead. Plus, poor roving Rove bungled the vote rigging schemes this time in the 2006 election ("Dag nabbit. I thought I did all right in the last coupla elecshuns.") More fun to await the dreaded pink slip from Congress at home than on-the-job, where all those cameras will be focused squarely on that giganormous cranium.

So The Architect has left the building. Will Bush have enough neurons left to whistle the tune, "If I Only Had a Brain"?

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