Aug 8, 2007

Warrentless-and-Legal Flava Wiretapping—Now at a Snoop Shop Near You

"The White House maintained Monday that the surveillance measure signed into law by President Bush over the weekend did not give the government any sweeping new powers to eavesdrop on Americans without court warrants." Thus speaketh The New York Times.

Did anyone ever wonder that maybe the White House is right? The newly signed surveillance measure did not, in fact, give new powers to eavesdrop on Americans without court warrant because the eavesdropping powers already in place are powerful enough.

How the framers of the U.S. Constitution would roll in their graves with this new—now fully sanctioned—level of the decimation of democracy by an uber-powerful Federal government that can pop on over and check out your stupid joke e-mail, your testosterphone calls ("I'm on my way home now." "OK, hon. See you in a few. Bye"), your heated conversations with your annoying neighbor—all at any time for no reason. Well, let's just say the words "suspected terrorism" as a reason and b'gosh, anything can be done. Try brand new, Warrentless-and-Legal flava wiretapping, or don't forget the old standard, Warrentless-and-Questionably-Legal wiretapping—for all your snooping needs.

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