Oct 1, 2007

Blade-runner Car Coming to a Street Near You in 2008: Aptera Glides from Fantasy to Reality

Check this gorgie three-wheeler that comes in either all-electric or plug-in electric diesel hybrid designs. The spiffy, space-age Aptera boasts a 230 miles-per-gallon fuel efficiency (no need to complain that the prototype promised 330 MPG—trust me, be grateful for a week's worth of commute costing you about $3.00), assuming you chose the hybrid. Electric gets you 130 miles per charge up and costs $26.9K. Hybrid gets you much farther than a standard-fuel car and costs $29.6K, promises Aptera Motors, Inc, formerly Accelerated Composites.

You can pay $500 to reserve yours now, or visit Aptera's freaky-cool website. (Forgive them the typo on the Home page—they need someone like me working for them—in exchange for, naturally, a car. I think the Aptera's delicious in every dimension and if you buy one, please call me up and take me for a ride around the block in it.)

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