Nov 6, 2007

Musharraf: Three Steps ahead of Bush in the Dictatorship Race

Which country described below is the United States and which is Pakistan?

Mystery Country 1

Mystery Country 2

As Mystery Country 1, Musharraf has little incentive to re-institute Pakistan's Constitution, nor to hold elections that might potentially oust him because he is reassured the U.S. will NOT stop its flow of aid ($493 million over next three years) to Pakistan because his country is needed to "fight Al-Qaeda and its militants." Condoleeza Rice was instructed to call up Musharraf and give him a tiny little swat on the back of hand, “Now, now, Pervez, m’dear, you simply must behave.”

Meanwhile, at Mystery Country 2, there are still months to go before the illegal administration is removed from power, pending the sudden growth of spine on the part of Congress to oppose the “Lil’ Dictator.”

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