Nov 9, 2007

What Do Parents Teach Kids to Call Their Genitalia?

It's such a dilemma--we have to refer to you-know-what sometimes with little ones, what with potty training, and accidents, and the reality of living in our bodies and explaining it all--as though we have some kinda monopoly on truth just because we are parents.

Anyway, I made the decision to use a cute made-up word because I didn't want my little girl referring to her privates in public and causing embarrassment to
everyone but her. So I remembered a joke where female genitals were referred to as a "twinkie," and I just liked it, so stuck with it. Our Jaclyn says, Mama, I forgot to wipe my twinkie, or Dah-dah, I fell and bumped my twinkie. And no one is the wiser. Someday she'll snigger when she can read and sees the actual cream-filled golden snack-cakes by the same name. But a sweet word is a good word, I thought.

Now we have the word "vajayjay," and while I don't love this word particularly, it does have a nice va-va-voom factor, and at LEAST it's a positive word. English-speaking gals have needed a word like this for a long time. Lord knows, men have PLENTY of them to choose from!

And that brings me to how to explain the birds and the bees to a little kid. I told my four-year-old that men have seeds and women have eggs and that if a man's seed and a woman's egg get together successfully, they can make a baby in the woman's tummy. Best I could come up. Do you have any suggestions?

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