Dec 6, 2007

Mall Rampage Killer Leaves eight Dead, Another Kills Four in Colorado Churches: Why Isn't This a Bigger Deal?

Why isn't the sudden rampage killing of eight innocent people and one guilty gunman in Nebraska a bigger deal? Or what about the four murdered by a gunman in Colorado over the weekend? Why aren't more questions asked, more resources devoted to the study of domestic terrorism by the criminally insane? Are U.S citizens not admitting to the partial responsibility for these incidents? I'm still thinking about the Cho Seung-Hui shooting incidents that happened only this past April (April 16—my best friend's birthday—how can I forget?) at Virginia Tech. Columbine, and other such rampage killings come to mind.

The Virginia Tech shootings left me so baffled and disturbed, I had to write about them and study the phenomenon of random, premeditated murders. Who does them? Is it mostly Americans or does it happen as often elsewhere? I know I can never begin to understand why, but here's an enlightening chart I put together about who/what/where . . .

Mass murders perpetrated by rampage killers who killed 15 or more people.

Due to the number of these rampage murder sprees (in both U.S. history and worldwide), I chose a limit of 15 or more to simplify the research. But it could just as well have been nine or more and Robert Hawkins would have made the cut. Or five and then the church-murderer Matthew Murray would be included, too.

Fame seems to be at least part of the sick objective: in Hawkins' suicide note, he said, "Now I'll be famous." Instead, he got mere minutes on the national news and little immortal infamy.

Image above: Hawkins Last Will and Testament reads . . .

My Will
I'm giving my car back to my Mom and my friends can have whatever else I leave behind.
Signed, Robert A. Hawkins

Murray posted an online message just two hours before the first shooting that read . . .

"I'm coming for EVERYONE soon and I WILL be armed to the @.%$ teeth and I WILL shoot to kill."

He deliberately used the same wording Eric Harris used in the 1999 Columbine murder spree, but politely substituted symbols to stand for the expletive. Not too polite to destroy the lives of innocents, though. Weird mixture of grandiosity, alienation, lack of self-control, and seething rage.

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