Jan 9, 2008

Bush as Sacrificial Goat to Greater Neo-con Push in Middle East?

What if, just entertain a what if . . . Bush's weeklong trip to the Middle East, is not actually a "peace-keeping mission," but a sacrificial mission? If Bush happened to be assassinated during this trip--the sudden violent demise of an American icon would serve much the same purpose as the demolition of the World Trade Center towers. With the rallying cries of "slay the evildoers," and "more power to the U.S. government," a full-on police state and martial law might be enforced with nary a whimper.

With National Security Presidential Directive / NSPD 51 and Homeland Security Presidential Directive / HSPD-20, in place since May 9, 2007, the acting president, who would then be Cheney, would [deep shudder] take over all powers and assume a dictatorship mantle. This in response to the “national catastrophe” the assassination would represent. (NSPD 51 gives sweeping powers to the Executive Branch in the event of a national catastrophe, powers overwhelmingly beyond the scope of the other branches.) In this way, the national election would be postponed or canceled altogether and the Neo-con contingent would remain in power indefinitely.

Ever since I learned about the quiet declaration of NSPD 51, I wondered when the false-flag national catastrophe might be scheduled and under what conditions. Nightmarish run of the imagination or plausible scenario? What do you think?

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