Jan 22, 2008

How about a Clinton–Edwards Ticket?

Don't know how you feel, but the Obama and Clinton slugfest has left me cold. And with a tinny taste in my mouth for a candidate I formerly respected. As Obama fights meaner, my heart closes tighter against him. Making fun of Hillary in front of a live audience? Poor form and amateurish.

And yeah, I've been known to spout off a word or two about why Hillary has resoundingly kept silent on the Iraq occupation, which still pisses me off, but when the vote went down on whether to attack Iraq back in 2003, Obama was nowhere to be seen (not even a state senator at that point). When Obama taunts Hillary because she voted for the Iraqattack, he comes across as a hypocrite. At least Edwards had the courageous conviction to say, "Yes, I voted for it, I was wrong, and I am sorry."

Now word on the streets is that Hillary and Edwards met in private for 20 minutes just after the debates last night. Naturally, the first thing that comes to mind is a Clinton–Edwards ticket. This speculation makes me happy, as that team stands a chance at whooping up on any Republican ticket (except for Bloomberg--he's a fine possibility. Wish he'd just declare Independent. When is the last time to declare candidacy in this election anyway?)

So what do you think? Clinton–Edwards: would you vote for that combo?

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