Jan 15, 2008

Looks Like Hillary Clinton Captured Michigan Vote

Hillary has taken New Hampshire, and now Michigan, so will a momentum build up that could carry her through? (Oops—she was the only Dem on the ballot—the logic of which escapes me.) Will Obama pull it off? I predict he'll carry California anyway, which seems to forge ahead with the new flava however it may taste. Could Edwards pull out ahead? Who knows at this point. Just give me a Democrat, any one will do. I'll probably vote for Hillary but I'm not sure—I've got the paper ballot now, awaiting my vote (permanent absentee status is the only way to go!). I like all three of the top Democratic candidates. Sure is more fun than following Republican scandals and the abysmal state of the Earth right now—plagues and rumors of plagues. Just a brief bit of hope is all I ask.

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