Jan 31, 2008

U.S. Presidential Election 2008: Name Your Dynamic Duo for the Democratic Ticket

Match-up What Ifs . . .
  • Clinton–Edwards (Good, right, works for me. Two super-smart Southerners.)

  • Clinton–Obama (Don't think this is gonna happen, no-how—a Scorpio and a Leo serving together? Sheesh! One stings; the other bites.)

  • Clinton–Kerry (Don't mind if I do. Always was fond of Kerry.)

  • Clinton–Bloomberg (Actually, I could see this happening and it might be just what the doctor ordered. New York, New York . . .)

  • Obama–Kerry (I hear it through the grapevine that this is actually under consideration. I like it.)

  • Obama–Edwards (Obama would do well to pick Edwards)

  • Obama–Bloomberg (Don't think so, but ambition can make strange bedfellows)

And as a surprise, how about Al "Nobel Peace Prize" Gore in the mix? Hard to imagine, but weirder things have happened. I picture Gore as being more as head of the Environmental Protection Agency or the Secretary of the Interior, although, truth be told, he’d do better for the world to be on an international rather than national. Still, someone might one to snag the green vote and court him. He can always say no.

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