Feb 18, 2008

87-year-old WWII Vet Hospitalized: My Dad the Bombardier

Note: Dad has been released and is home now. His mental powers come and go, but he sure is happy to be home.

A sad thing happened in my family over the weekend. My 87-year-old father was checked in to the hospital on Saturday. Turns out he has congestive heart failure, apparently in the early stages. He is in one of the state-of-the-art VA hospitals, luckily, in western North Carolina.

Anyway, Dad is quite out of it. When I spoke to him a little while ago, we laughed and joked about Jaclyn, his grand daughter, but when I asked him how he did sleeping in the hospital, we was all, "What hospital?" He's disoriented and confused. He doesn't understand that he has a serious illness and keeps trying to go home. I would not want to be his nurse! Tomorrow he'll get an echocardiogram to check his heart to see how it is and to know what medications to give.

If all goes well, he'll get to go home soon. If not, well, I'll let you know. Meanwhile, say a little prayer or send out good thoughts for him.

He was a hero in WWII and was a bomber pilot (a bombardier) in the South Pacific. He continued his Air Force career during the Korean War and the Vietnam War and retired a Lt. Colonel in the mid-60s. He had a rough young life and then a long slog of a retirement. It took him decades to get over the damage from the wars he was in.

In the group photo, above, he is standing on the far left. Above he is wearing his pilot's jacket, below, he's playing with a bomb.

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