Feb 5, 2008

Who's Your Daddy—or Mama? Super-Tuesday Prognostications

California—Obama [Note: Tumerica was wrong. Hillary whooped up in our fine, sunny state.] (Sorry! I predict only for my team. Repugs will have to name their own. Probably McCain taking them all, but who cares?) Hillary will win in some regions, but overall, Obama

Illinois—Obama [Tumerica was right.] (Big surprise that Obama would capture his own state)

New York—Hillary [Tumerica was right.] (Ditto for Hillary. I know, she's from Arkansas. Where you are a senator counts.)

Arizona—Hillary [Tumerica was right.] (Not sure about this, actually. Arizona is hard to predict.)


Congratulation to Hillary for a fine showing on the breakthrough states of Massachusetts, New Jersey, and California. Obama won more quantity of states but Hillary won more quality states, e.g., highly populated, significant states. In any event, with the delegate score at 540 for Clinton and 539 for Obama, this sporting event is fun to watch.

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