Mar 5, 2008

Mini-Tuesday: Clinton Takes Texas and Ohio?

Note: My prediction was half right and half wrong. Wow--who woulda thunk it? Hillary takes both? Now, how about those Texas super-delegates from the caucus? And now what about Pennsylvania and my home state of NC? And lastly, Hillary did more than hint on Good Morning America--she said she thought a ticket with her on top and Obama as VP might be "the way this thing is going." Strange bedfellows, but the zeitgeist is a powerful thing.


Predictions, anyone? Hillary takes Texas (Annie, get yo' gun, girl!) and Barack takes Ohio back from the Repugs. Thus leaving the contest oh-so-much-more complicated. [sigh]

My friend Lemming Herder reports that, sadly, there is still some active racism in Texas. I told him I am grateful to live in a state where racism has to keep its ugly head hidden. State-wide in California, we are 1/3 Latino, but the percentage is much higher here in Southern California--and we like it that way. We also have a huge chunk of Asian and German--of all ethnicities, so the mix makes it fun and flavorful for all--at least that's the way I see it. If you are gonna be racist here, you are gonna get your block knocked off and be ostracized to boot. Social humiliation is the best normalizer--works great in Japan, I noticed.

Still, it's hard to believe that someone--anyone--would choose either Barack or Hillary based solely on their ethnicity or sex (or not choose them for same). I'd like to pretend racism and sexism do not exist because they make no sense to me. But I recently read a completely sober article by a famous female journalist--on HuffPost--that explained completely sexist reasons why the writer would not be voting for Hillary. Somehow I thought sexist and feminist would not make good bedfellows. The whole thing is befuddling. Would someone please 'splain it to me?

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