Mar 27, 2008

Obama–Bloomberg Ticket: How Exciting Is That?

Very exciting. To me, anyway. Clinton's continued participation in the race at this point is just to drive the media story. We've all seen it happen, say, in the build-up to the Olympics. The media finds two opposing characters, develops a story, and milks it for all it's worth to drive ratings. Voila! Excitement. If Clinton's candidacy does drive more apathetic voters to the polls, then that's a positive outcome, so I'm not sweating it. When I hear even people I love drone on about Hillary's latest foible ("I ducked for sniper fire in Bosnia—NOT!"), though, I have to stifle my yawns. Obama's delegate lead and following is insurmountable and has been for some time.

So let's move the discussion to something more productive: who might the next president choose for his running mate? How fun to consider the possibilities. A friend of mine who has friends volunteering for the Obama campaign swears that at one time Kerry was considered (that was the inside scoop). Now, I love John Kerry, but he's got the Campbell's Soup Curse, big time, so best to stay away from him, sadly. Bill Richardson of New Mexico? Good choice. He's popular, respected, has sway in the southwest, and draws lots of Hispanic voters to him. If Bill Richardson is not the running mate, expect to see him in the cabinet or in some high-level position in the Obama administration. And that is good, too.

Now, I mentioned in a prior post the possibility of an Obama-Bloomberg ticket, although I didn't see it actually happening. Fun, huh? Two tee-totally different bedfellows, you could hardly select with a dartboard, blindfolded. But union of opposites who bring completely different strengths? Now that's a good synergy. And for the first time in ferever, two different, well, parties. No one is exactly sure of Bloomberg's party. Unlike McCain who is an ersatz-maverick, Bloomberg is the real McCoy. Independent? Yes. Republican? Sort of, but an entirely different flava. I've been a fan of Bloomberg's ever since I started following his career. The gazillionaire who rides the subway. The unpretentious good guy who has rebooted New York City. I just love this mensch. More than Ross Perot, Bloomberg sees things differently, and it works. He's also sensitive and experienced. Beauty.

Here's what MSNBC FirstRead said about the Obama-Bloomberg idea:

"Those who love the Veepstakes will enjoy today's Obama speech, not for the substance but for the person who will introduce him: Michael Bloomberg. While the mayor says he's not endorsing anyone (yet?), this is the second time Bloomberg has given Obama a high profile photo-op (remember the meeting at that diner a few months back?). As for Obama's economic speech, per the campaign, "Obama takes on special interests for housing/economic crisis; lays out principles for new regulatory framework." Obama, himself, previewed the speech on the plane yesterday. "I will be giving some, I will be outlining, my thoughts on the current state of the economy. How we got there and some very specific prescriptions, what helped trigger the financial crisis and the financial problems." But it will be the potential of Obama-Bloomberg that could be the most important take-away. In fact, considering that anti-Israel sentiments being expressed by the Rev. Wright in these newly circulating church bulletins (see Andrea Mitchell’s reporting on TODAY below in the Obama section). A fortunate thing for Obama is at least these church bulletins aren’t video. The idea of a Jewish running mate might end up making more and more sense for Obama as the summer wears on."

It makes sense to me too and I like it. Stay tuned, as this speculation could become juicy, fast. I'm thinking of going over to and designing some nice Obama-Bloomberg t-shirts--just because.

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