Mar 11, 2008

U.S. Still Waltzing with Idea of Attacking Iran: Fallon the Next Obstacle Cleared Away

Sure, Bush has been jonesing to attack Iran, since about the time he got away with the illegal war against Iraq without any dire consequences (to himself, that is--$275 Million U.S. per day to fund the illegal war is dire enough; more than 80,000 Iraqi casualties is dire enough; almost 4,000 American casualties is dire enough too). Bush got away with it. He got away with 9/11, whatever his role in that was, and certainly, he put up with the planning of it, at the very least. Drunk on this string of successes, his own hubris ("I talk to God" and the downfall of the "It's just another goddamned piece of paper" U.S. Constitution), and his then ample poll numbers, buoyed by support or lack of spine on the part of Congress, well, his wildest Neo-Con dreams could come true. "Total hegemony in the Middle East?!? Golly Gee, Laura, we might could pull that one off too!"

So attack Iran? Well, it ain't Iraq. Iran has 425,000 armed forces, 125,000 Islamic guards, and up to 11 million homegrown militia-citizens willing to take up arms. Nuclear-backed (at least at the pre-weapons stage) and loaded with capital, Iran is as similar to Iraq as the U.S. is to Mexico. We trade, we share resources. And we are neighbors. That's about it.

Now, Adm. William J. Fallon, a good military chief of the Middle East with a true sense of honor— who SWORE the U.S. would not attack Iran as long as he, "Not on my watch," had a say—now, he no longer has a say. Officially, he resigned, but a man like that, with a 41-year solid military record, would not have resigned if he hadn't, at hem, been fired. The current administration must have hated not to have had another patsy in him like they conveniently have set up with General Betray-us, er, Petraeus. The fall of Fallon—who was one of the few remaining obstacles to the U.S.-led, entirely unprovoked, attack against Iran—foretells doom and destruction, even more so the louder Defense Secretary Robert Gates shakes his beefy Kansan fists and shouts, "Ain't no way that means we're fixin' to attack Iran."

Next stop, a new Admiral, pliable as Silly Putty and aiming to please. Quick, gotta attack Iran before the last grain of sand falls in the hour glass, on January 20, 2009. Until then, Neo-Cons have the opportunity to create havoc, declare a "national emergency," and assume absolute power, via National Security Presidential Directive (NSPD-51, the acronym for, "You'll wonder where your freedom went/When martial law's declared by the government.")

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