Apr 25, 2008

Five Reasons Why John McCain Is Not a Good Guy

Something about the crooked, yellowing grin, the unpolished verbal flubs, the heroic years spent as a prisoner of war lend Senator John McCain a vulnerable lovability—at least on the surface. My husband swears McCain is a good guy and I vehemently disagreed. He's a war-monger, honey. He'd be more than happy to mow down Iran if it so much as sneezed in Israel's direction, my dear. And look what electing someone who can't tell a Shiite from a Sunni got us, sweetheart. It's just not a good idea. Well, that didn't seem enough, or even completely believable, so I decided to scratch the calculatedly benign McCain exterior and see what lurked beneath.

Sociopath. McCain is incapable of understanding anyone whose plight is worse than his own, and feels no remorse or guilt for the pain and suffering of others. Think I am exaggerating?
McCain gave a speech on the importance of free trade recently in a factory that was practically shut down due to free trade, for starters. He’s against equal wages for women and not ashamed to admit it. He also approves torture as a standard interrogation technique--despite being the victim of same. McCain's got the Bush-style, I-can't-wait-to-party-at-Trent-Lott's-

house-after-Hurricane-Katrina attitude, like his own mom, who said, “This is working very well for them,” about the Hurricane Katrina refugees housed in the Houston Astrodome. Marie Antoinette, move over, I present John McCain, the poster child for insensitivity.

Hypocrite. Oh, yeah—in spades: “McCain . . . found a clever way around his own campaign finance reform law to take big corporate bucks in furtherance of his political ambitions while carrying water for the corporate mammoth providing the dough.”

Plain-spoken Maverick. Hardly. “The depiction of McCain as a truth-telling, apolitical maverick is just about as accurate as previous similar depictions of Bush were. On virtually every policy issue of significance, McCain's positions—not his rhetoric but his actual positions—ultimately transform into those held by the dominant right-wing faction of the Republican Party and, even more so, are identical to the positions that shaped and defined the failed Bush presidency.”

Smart. Even though McCain has been corrected several times—by Joe Lieberman and others—he seems unable to tell the difference between Shiites and Sunnis. He keeps referring to the “Al Qaeda” presence in Iran. If this is intentional, it’s an insidious way to foment fear and work up a cause for the US to invade Iran. If it’s a mistake, then it’s just plain dumb to repeat the same mistake over and over. And, sad but true, McCain approves of teaching “intelligent design” in our nation’s schools. Which is about like stamping, “Religion is the one, true way” on kids’ science textbooks. Yeah, real smart, bubba.

War Hawk. McCain’s one of the worst. His "maybe 100" years occupying Iraq comment that trails McCain around the media is not that far-fetched. He claims pulling out of Iraq would be “genocidal.” A rabid troop-surge supporter, when it comes to war, McCain is chomping at the bit. “Asked last year about Iran’s nuclear ambitions, he jokingly sang the words “Bomb, bomb, bomb. Bomb, bomb Iran” to the tune of the Beach Boys hit “Barbara Ann”—this despite the opposition of most Americans to another Middle East war and growing Democratic support for engagement with the mullahs.”

McCain smiles, he beams, he stumbles with his words like a good ol’ boy, and he is, in the end, just another war-mongering, hypocritical, sociopath running for the presidency. Haven’t we had enough of those already?

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